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Our Story...

We are Tristin and Laura Harshfield, owners and operators of Deep Roots.

We have been married over 9 years and have been blessed with 4 wonderful children.

My husband Tristin has always been a quick learner and puts his whole being into whatever he jumps in to. He has an eye for precision and perfection. He spent his teenage years learning the craft of construction and renovating and carried those skills into the various house projects we have took on throughout our marriage. It wasn’t until 2019 he finally decided to say goodbye to factory life for good and plunge into the home remodeling business full time. Over the years he has had the pleasure of working along side and learning from a lot of great men who taught him a lot of tips and tricks that helped improve his craft.

I, Laura, owned my photography business from 2015-2023 and creating beautiful art is what really introduced me into the world of design and creating aesthetically pleasing projects. I crave a good design project and though Tristin hasn't always been thrilled when he comes home to me ripping out flooring and walls in our own home, he always brings my visions to life and more. 

Before starting our business, Tristin and I had really been praying where God would like to lead our family. We had faithfully followed His plans for our life thus far, but we questioned why it felt we were being lead into a career that is extremely over saturated in our area.

We took a lot of time to listen to where we felt He was calling us. 

We both knew we didn’t want to be generic, that we wanted to be something that set us a part, that made us different!

Finding a name to our business seemed to be a mountain in itself.

One day the words Deep Roots popped into my head, which I deeply believe was the Holy Spirit. I thought, he isn’t a tree or landscaping service so that wouldn’t make much sense? I then looked up the meaning of deep roots and was overwhelmed with how much I loved the idea. Wherever you plant your seeds in life, if you are deeply rooted in Christ you will flourish. Not to say you won’t see bad weather or go through rough seasons but as long as your roots are strong you will withstand whatever the world throws at you. This is a true testament to my husband and I’s life together. We got pregnant and married at 17, we faced many many challenges and even more people who told us we would fail, but we pressed on and planted our seeds where Christ led and have withstood a lot because of where our roots are grounded.

Together we want to revive our community. While I manage the design aspect of things for clients who wish to utilize these services, my husband and his small crew bring those visions to life. We truly believe there isn’t a space that with a little bit of vision and elbow grease we can’t transform.

We are so honored to be on this journey, as challenging as it may be sometimes, and hope to create beautiful spaces for your family to enjoy! 

- The Harshfields

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